Hi! I’m Cynthia. I am a blessed wife and sleep deprived mother of 2 hilarious and amazing girls, Olivia and Savannah living in the Mideast. I am fiercely passionate about my family. They are my people and they make life worth living everyday, even when they’re being jack-a-loons (Thanks for that fun little word Carrie!)

I am not a helicopter mom, although I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. I am just way too selfish. And seriously, if you aren’t bleeding, you’re fine. That’s the way I was raised; and other than my smart mouth and fear of showing emotions, I am just fine.

I think my kids are funnier than your kids. They are hi-lar-ious.

The big one comes up with the weirdest and funniest ideas. She gets sarcasm like an adult and it makes me really proud. She loves her little sister like no one else. She was made for this role. And she has a heart of gold and always prays for people at school. It’s too sweet.

The little one’s nickname is “Red Savage,” if that tells you anything.  She is a red headed spit fire that has comedic timing better than anyone else I know. She started asking ‘why’ at one year old and has not stopped. She’s wickedly smart and only likes to snuggle when I tell her it’s bedtime.

I am a believer and walker in the Christian faith. But I am a lover of many and a friend to all faiths. This is definitely a judgement free zone. Its the Planet Fitness of religion/non-religion over here.  I have some seriously amazing people in my life that don’t believe or even agree with my faith and I am grateful for their presence and love everyday.

I am slightly obsessed with working out, in a good way of course; though I’m sure some people are tired of me talking about it….

I thoroughly enjoy all kinds of exercise. Right now I am focusing on training for a 10k race in April. I am also practicing yoga. Headstand coming 2019 y’all!!

But my main passion is lifting weights! There is something magical in what this body God gave me can do. When I really push myself, I can’t explain how strong I feel. Forget about the gains, I feel like I could tame a wild stallion while roping the moon and smashing an all-you-can-eat buffet (challenge accepted).

I am not a member of the dieting population. I don’t believe in it. It’s dumb. I do believe in eating healthy and balanced meals and living a lifestyle of moderation while still enjoying delicious and severely unhealthy treats from time to time.

I did do a clean eating cleanse once for 30 days last year. It was very hard for me, but I did enjoy learning new ways to make the same old healthy foods new and exciting. I still use quite a few of those recipes today.

I am the annoying person the doesn’t drink soda (Sometimes, like once a month, I crave a diet Coke. I’m not perfect.) I also avoid white processed bread like the plague, but mostly because I don’t think it tastes very good and it sticks to the roof of your mouth like some kind of cement. What the hell is that? I have switched to dark chocolate in the past few years, as well as mixing my vodka with the Kroger brand version of La Croix. Do I sound like a douche yet??

Vices include (but are not limited to): vodka (any brand, as long as its 80 proof or better), Real Housewives of WHATEVER (don’t judge me), snacking, Instagram, drinking in the shower, trying and failing Pinterest ideas, Vanderpump Rules and wearing sports bras as everyday intimates (my husband HATES this.)

I have been wanting somewhere to get all of this out. I live breath and think about working out and ways to improve myself 75% of my day. When I’m sitting at my desk for too long, my body literally starts aching for movement. I luckily work for a very health conscious company and we have movable desks so you can stand (i.e. do yoga awkwardly as the VP walks by) and an on-site gym. I am excited to finally have somewhere to put all this energy, even if nobody ever reads it. And I’m excited to share my journey with others, again, even if “others” never know its exists.